Refinish or Replace?

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Hardwood Floors: Refinish or Replace?

Hardwood Floors: Refinish or Replace?

Few people will argue that hardwood floors in a home are not beautiful and do not add a measure of refinement to the property. But all floors take a beating, and even your once lovely hardwood floors will eventually get scuffed, stained, and generally worn out. If you want to rekindle that added sense of style, you have two options for your wood floors – refinish or replace.


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Four decades old wood stair treads restored by 7 Point Construction (Belmont Shore, CA)

Age of the Floor
Hardwood floors that are long in the tooth certainly add character to homes and the idea of replacing original wood floors may be a difficult decision for some homeowners. While older floors can be difficult refinish, you should not throw in the towel just yet. You may want to consult a professional first.

Time Frame
Another factor that may affect your decision is the time frame of the work. Each process has its own steps that must be completed – replacing your floors may involve cutting wood planks to the right size and refinishing is somewhat similar to painting. Figure out how much time you can commit to the whole project before you start buying supplies or hiring a crew.

Quality of the Floor
Scuffs, scrapes, and weird valleys in your hardwood floors may signal a deeper issue beyond just looking good. The main goal of refinishing wood floors is to make them look good; you may need a flooring professional to check the condition of your floors beforehand to see if the planks are still good or will need to be replaced.

Aesthetic Preference

As you decide what to do with your floors, ask yourself what you really want – do you want the floors to just look shiny again or do you want to change the type of wood or do you want to change the look of the floors? Refinishing hardwood floors only affect the look of the wood. If you want the latter options, you may need to consider a full replacement.


Cost Projection
The last important factor to consider when deciding to refinish or replace your hardwood floors is the overall cost of the project. Depending on the amount of floor space in question, you may be surprised at the actual price tag. What seems like the least expensive option may turn into a money-draining headache.


Wood floors restored by 7 Point Construction (Belmont Shore, CA)


Wood floors restored by 7 Point Construction (Belmont Shore, CA)


Wood floors restored by 7 Point Construction (Belmont Shore, CA)

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