The Big To-Do:

Your Pre-Remodel Checklist

The Big To-Do: Your Pre-Remodel Checklist
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Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Whether you are adding a backsplash and giving your island a new top or near-gutting your kitchen to give it an overhaul makeover, you are in for a few days/weeks/months of remodeling limbo while your dream is becoming a reality. But before any demolishing begins, you have some prep work to do so that only what’s meant to be broken is broken.


Prep for the Prep

Especially if you are doing a major renovation on your kitchen, you will need to pack everything up. You also need to set aside the items that you use every day/still want access to every day — like your Keurig machine, favorite coffee cup, some bowls and plates, and maybe a couple of shot glasses for when you get enervated with the renovation. Grab your must-have stuff and gather packing supplies.


Supplies Needed

  • Boxes (banker box size)
  • Tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Markers
  • (Labels)


1. Pack Eating-Related Items Together

Keep your dinnerware and flatware together as much as you can. You can use gallon-size storage bags for your eating utensils. Do not put too many items in one box and make sure that your dishes and glasses are well padded. Pack like you are moving to another house and not just into the garage.


2. Pack Like Together

You may want to pack up your cabinets as they are, but it will be easier to find items later (as well as unpack) if you keep like items together. Sort canned goods and non-perishable foods as you box up. Keep your glass baking dishes together. Put your cooking utensils and measuring cups in the same box. That also goes for your small kitchen gadgets. And don’t forget to label your boxes.


3. Spring Clean While You’re At It

As you are sorting and categorizing your kitchen treasures, take this time to also sort out the items you don’t use on a regular basis and consider donating those things.


4. Think Big Picture

If another room might possibly be affected by your kitchen project, it will probably happen. You may consider removing wall hangings and any curtains/window dressings in adjacent rooms, as well as either moving or packing anything remotely breakable from those walls.


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