The Home Seller’s Quandary:

What Do You Repair?

The Home Seller’s Quandary: What Do You Repair?

What Repairs Should I Make Before Selling my House?

You have decided to sell your house, and like anyone else, you want the best price and want to put your home’s best foot forward. How far you are willing to go with repairs/updates depends on time and your budget.

Here are some small repairs/updates you can make without breaking your bank account:


Freshen Up Paint in your Kitchen — Complete Remodel by 7 Point Construction

Kitchen Remodel with a Cleansing and Energetic Paint Palette

Freshen Up the Paint

you do not have to paint the whole house, but touching up faded/chipped exterior areas can increase the curb appeal of your home. And on the inside, perhaps repaint a room or two, or even paint an accent wall to revamp your living or dining room. Choose neutral tones over bold colors. Check with your local hardware/paint store for tips on color schemes.

Brighten Up the Kitchen

Kitchens are notoriously expensive to redo, but you can update small things to make a big impact:
Replace the cabinet and drawer handles/knobs in the kitchen.
Repair broken hinges without replacing the whole cabinet.
Check for kitchen counter damages and fix them.
Add a tile backsplash above the kitchen sink
Change the window treatments.
Add wall hangings and/or plants.


Bathroom Remodel Virginia Country Club, Long Beach —

Bathroom Remodel Virginia Country Club, Long Beach

Touch Up the Bathroom

Bathrooms can also be expensive to upgrade, but a quick makeover is far easier than a whole facelift:
Check and recaulk the shower/tub.
Repair/replace any leaking faucets.
Replace the drawer handles.
Add a tile backsplash above the sink.
Change the window treatments.
Consider installing a framed or beveled mirror


7 Point Construction 365 Los Altos for sale Remodel Design modern

Custom Landscaping Alamitos Heights, Long Beach

Trim Up Your Yard

First impressions go a long way in selling your home, and the state of your lawn is one of the first things potential buyers will see. You do not have to spend a lot of money on landscaping, but at least keep the front and back yard trimmed and edged. Consider doing some minimal landscaping — ask a local home & garden store for suggestions.

Wood FLooring Replace Restore Refinish Long Beach Remodel 7 Point Construction

Refreshed Wooden Floors in Alamitos Heights, Long Beach

Brighten Up the Floors

Whether your floors are carpeted or hardwood (or both), you can still add extra shine to your home by cleaning/refinishing the floors. Cleaning hardwood floors and carpets can easily be a DIY project; however, you should consult a professional if you want to refinish your wood floors.

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