• Remodeling
    Commercial Business Remodeling

    5 Business Remodeling Tips

    As businesses grow, they…

  • Kitchen
    ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit Kitchen Neolith Kitchen Modern Chandelier Concrete Flooring

    Regenerating the Heart of Your Home: Current Kitchen Trends

    Regenerating the Heart of Your Home: Current Kitchen Trends Whether you are a culinary aficionado or social butterfly or a…

  • General
    Selling Your Home Repairs

    The Home Seller’s Quandary: What Do You Repair?

    You have decided to sell your house, and like anyone else, you want the best price and want to put your home’s best foot forward. How far you are willing to go with repairs/updates depends on time and your budget.

  • Flooring
    Wood FLooring Replace Restore Refinish Long Beach Remodel 7 Point Construction

    Hardwood Floors: Refinish or Replace?

    Few people will argue that hardwood floors in a home are not beautiful and do not add a measure of refinement to the property. But all floors take a beating, and even your once lovely hardwood floors will eventually get scuffed, stained, and generally worn out. If you want to rekindle that added sense of style, you have two options for your wood floors – refinish or replace.

  • Home Blog
    Modern Kitchen Design Long beach CA Bellflower 7 Point Construction

    The Big To-Do: Your Pre-Remodel Checklist

    Whether you are adding a backsplash and giving your island a new top or near-gutting your kitchen to give it an overhaul makeover, you are in for a few days/weeks/months of remodel limbo while your dream is becoming a reality. But before any demolishing begins, you have some prep work to do so that only what’s meant to be broken is broken.

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