Irvine Kitchen Remodeling by 7 Point Construction Polished Concrete Floors & Quartz Countertops

Irvine Kitchen Remodel | Polished Concrete Flooring

Location: Irvine, Ca.

Project: Full Kitchen Remodel

Project Details:

1. Contemporary Kitchen

2. White Quartz Countertop

3. Waterfall Countertop

4. Polished Concrete Floors (Original Tile Flooring Removed) 

5. Hidden Countertop Electrical Outlets

6. Recessed Lighting

7. IKEA cabinets

Irvine Kitchen Remodeling by 7 Point Construction Polished Concrete Floors & Quartz Countertops

Like all things utilitarian, concrete floors are having a moment. Thanks to the stalwarts of modernism and their form-follows-function mandate, the material has become synonymous with honesty and integrity. When working with large open spaces, concrete floors are an easy and cost-effective way to achieve a unifying aesthetic one that offers a seamless transition from interior to exterior.

If you’re installing a new concrete floor, the choices of textures, colors, and finishes are nearly limitless. Texture and finish are determined by the grade of concrete used, how it’s poured, and the polishing process. Color can be introduced in several ways: Pigment can be mixed into wet concrete to achieve any desired color (colored aggregates, too, such as stones, marbles, and pieces of glass, can be added), or an acid- or water-based stain can be used to color dry concrete.

Concrete is susceptible to oil, water, and pet stains, so sealing is recommended and an easy process (use your installer’s recommended sealing product). Your floors will need to be resealed every two to three years to keep them looking as fresh as when they were installed. Maintaining a concrete floor is simple: Once a week or so, run a dust mop over it to pick up dirt and fine particles, and then mop with a gentle cleanser. Your installer may have products to recommend.

You may be living with concrete floors and not know it: Concrete subfloors often exist beneath another flooring material, so all you have to do is remove the top layer. The exposed concrete floor will likely have a rough finish that requires polishing. The possibilities depend on the quality and condition of the concrete; check with a specialist to find out what can be achieved. Options for changing the color of an existing concrete floor are limited to what you can apply on top: concrete stains or paint.

White Quartz Countertop with Ikea Cabinets & Polished Floors


Strong and durable.


Little maintenance required.

Good thermal conductor for radiant floor heating.

Develops a rugged patina.


Uncomfortable to stand on for long stretches.

Can be cold without radiant floor heating.

Concrete isn’t for perfectionists: It cracks and stains easily, but that rugged look can also be considered charming.

The material has less give, which means dropped items often break.

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